Vision, Aims and Ethos


We have a strategy for the development of oracy throughout the curriculum and provide clear frameworks and support to enable children to extend their vocabulary and develop presentation skills.

We encourage debate and critical thinking across the curriculum and actively encourage pupil voice in every aspect of school life.

We provide opportunities for pupils to present their ideas verbally.

Drama and storytelling are frequently used across the curriculum.

Aim High

High expectations for every pupil, endeavouring to meet their individual needs.

Pupil driven differentiation of tasks, enabling every learner to succeed and ensure that there is no ceiling for learning

A culture of ‘high challenge, low threat’.

Clear purpose behind set tasks.

Close partnerships with a range of organisations to build cultural capital and awareness of future opportunities.

Develop Resilient Learners

A high emphasis placed on the importance of positive relationships in school.

Children are taught to think critically about their learning and identify where they need to improve.

Children are supported to become emotionally self-aware.

Promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing.

Problem solving skills and independence developed.

A curriculum that stimulates and challenges.

Become Global Citizens

A curriculum which teaches the child about people, places, and cultures around the world.

English is taught using narratives that promote diversity.

Assemblies focused on global issues.

A comprehensive R.E. and PSHE curriculum which promotes tolerance and celebrates diversity.

Partnership with our local community to foster relationships and citizenship.

Time dedicated to learning about the natural world and the environment.