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MFL - French

Our approach

Our approach to French teaching and learning is based on the children developing confident speaking and listening skills in French in a range of scenarios so that they can communicate with other French speakers. The children will develop knowledge that different languages are spoken around the world and that French is a major language spoken in many different countries. The emphasis is on practical skills and using the vocabulary learned in context. French is taught in as engaging and as practical a way as possible with the aim that basic skills that could be applied in real-world contexts such as on holiday.  Our aim is that our pupils go on to high school with positive experiences and attitudes towards speaking and learning another language and that their learning in KS2 will provide a solid foundation to enable them to confidently access French at KS3.

Timetable expectations - French is taught weekly in KS2 in lessons of approximately 40 minutes. 

Principles and expectations - we use a range of resources including videos, cartoons, online games, lotto games, puppets, props, role plays and scenarios to encourage the children to use the French they have learnt. 

Recording and Marking - Most recording is done in video form and feedback and support is given continuously. Occasional reading and  written work is used to develop recognition of the words in written form and patterns in French spelling and phonics. 

Scheme, resources and licenses - We currently use Rigolo 1 in LKS2 and Rigolo 2 in UKS2 as the foundation of our planning. Additional resources and activities are resourced, planned and developed by the individual teachers to meet the needs of their learners. Rigolo is installed on our network. The scheme is adapted to suit our mixed age classes and ensure progression and with the learning sequenced in each year. In lower KS2 the autumn term is based on an introduction to French to engage and cover basic vocabulary which is revisited in many other units so that year 3 are able to access the lessons with year 4. 

LKS2 Teaching Sequence:

UKS2 Teaching Sequence:

Updated February 2024