Severe Weather Procedure

This page explains the procedures we take in the event of the school closing due to severe weather conditions.

Remember - check your emails or Arbor and the Suffolk school closure website for updates if the weather turns bad during the winter months

Advice is to tune into local radio stations and consult the website link above to check local school closures.

​Any decision to close the school will be made between 6.00am – 7.30am so listen out after that time.

Please do not ring school, the Local Authority or the radio stations direct.

Radio stations will have the most up to date information.​

If no message is broadcast assume the school is open to receive children as normal.​

A member of staff living closest to school will open the school and provide supervision for those children who arrive. However, please continue to listen to broadcasts as the school may not be able to remain open.

We do not take the decision to close the school lightly. We endeavour to remain open wherever possible but we do take the safety of everyone very seriously. Any decisions to close or remain open are at the discretion of the headteacher.