The Wenhaston Way


Our approach and aims -

Our computing curriculum aligns with our whole school vision through having the following aims: 

Timetable expectations - 1 hour session weekly 

What you will see in every classroom: 

Recording and Marking - Work is recorded either within Google Drive or if paper-based is stored in a pupil folder. 

Scheme, resources and licences - The schemes of work from Kapow Computing and KeyChain Computing form the basis of our Computing curriculum.  Other resources necessary for the units of work can be found on this link: Computing-Hardware-software-and-equipment-checklist-15.09.22.pdf 

Teaching sequence for every class: 

The EYFS Plan can be found here: Computing-EYFS-overview-slides-23-07-21.pdf

KS1 and KS2 Two-year Mixed-age plan can be found here: Mixed-age_ComputingLongtermPlan_NewStyle_08_06_22.pdf

Progression: Curriculum progression can be found here: Mixed-age-Computing-Progression-of-KSAV_04.07.22.pdf

Vocabulary Progression: Computing-Key-vocabulary.-June-2022pdf.pdf

The Kapow Schemes Intent, Implementation and Impact statement can be found here: Computing-THREE-I_s-10-06-22-1.pdf 

Assessment and monitoring: Each unit of work has an attached knowledge organiser which can be used to assess pupil progress at the end of units of work. Kahoot quizzing and Learning Impact Discussions (LIDS) will inform senior leadership of progress and knowledge retention. 

Updated February 2024